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Here with Cornhole Wizard, we take pride in our work and purchase the very best materials to make only the TOP Product for you our Customer. Our Cornhole Boards and Bags are guaranteed.

Our boards are  FULL  3/4"  quality  cabinet grade materials.     Regulation  Size  24 x 48

Cornhole Wizard, we Customize them your way, it takes time so please allow plenty of time for your order to be complete. A rushed games looks rushed. 
Cornhole Wizard tries to keep in stock the plain, stain, natural  games.  

Cornhole Wizard  keeps the best heavy duty canvas bags in many colors.

Cornhole Wizard ships all across USA, Kentucky, Louisville, and all surrounding states. 

Cornhole Wizard  also has mini games for Children, Elderly, Therapy. Camping, Travel, Hunting, and those with no backyard.

 This Family Game is FUN for ALL ages.

 Cornhole Wizard has  a commitment to our customers to provide the best cornhole boards and bags  possible.  We sell the highest quality product on the market.  Each step in building our cornhole boards is taken with care and pride. 
We take the extra steps on the cornhole boards to ensure to you the customer, 
good quality workmanship, for a longer lasting cornhole game that you will enjoy for years to come.
Our Custom Cornhole boards are designed with you in mind. We take what you would like to have custom on your boards and  our designer adds a scheme to fit your custom decals for a more personal cornhole board set,so as to have that personalized customized cornhole game.

Our cornhole bags are professionally made with regulation duck canvas and heavy duty upholstery thread. Our seamstresses put the same care and workmanship into the cornhole bags as our designer puts into the cornhole boards. We do use whole kernel corn as regulation calls for. 
 Cornhole Wizard aims to provide the BEST cornhole product on the market and the Best in Kentucky.  Good Kentucky Craftsmanship produces Kentucky quality products.
We are meticulous in our work in order to have  a quality product that you would be proud to own. 
Elizabethtown Kentucky just 30 minutes South of Louisville Kentucky;   Cornhole Wizard  personally builds your cornhole boards.
We are the Best of the Best!
Cornhole Wizard  believes it is the customer that makes a business great, that is why we produce a top quality product to keep our customers happy and want to tell others about our cornhole games built in Kentucky.  

 Cornhole Wizard  is not responsible, nor liable for damage, including, but not limited to property damage, personal injury, or death as a result of storing, transporting,or playing our game. Guarantees included but not limited to misuses, abuse, and or neglect. Please be aware that our cornhole bags are filled with real shell corn. Therefore if you have any allergies relating to corn, please do not use/or purchase our bags
We are not responsible for cornhole games left out in damp, wet weather, or outrageous abuse. Nor the placing of the cornhole boards face to face or on top of each other. It is best not to do these.
Our cornhole bags should not be left out due to weather, squirrels, raccoon, or other corn eating critters.
We are not accociated with the represented team or colleges, all copyright/licensees belong to the owners exclusively. We do not sell teams, we sell cornhole products.  

Available Sizes    
 Regulation: 24"W x 48"L
Mini Cornhole:  16" W x 24" L
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Play cornhole all year long indoors and outdoors, we carry cornhole games for both.
Enjoy the cornhole  game all year long it is not just a summer sport.

Cornhole  make Great Gifts for Every Occasion!

Cornhole Wizard in Elizabethtown KY  Best on Market Corhole boards and bags. Guaranteed. Built with pride to produce the best sets for you our customers.

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